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Hi. I'm using reagent with shadow-cljs and I'm seeing the following warning: > Cannot infer target type in expression (. with-let11498 -generation) when I try to use reagent's with-let. I believe this was an that was fixed in 0.9.0 but it seems to have come back. I'm using reagent version 1.1.1 and shadow-cljs version 2.20.17 I've made a minimum repro Can anyone confirm if I'm doing something wrong or is this in fact a regression? Thanks!


Not sure whether it's regression, it might be that the CLJS compiler got more picky. Either way, there's a missing ^js tag in Reagent, it seems. Your usage looks OK, so I'd create a new issue.

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Thanks, will do


Here's the issue in case anyone else runs into this

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@U0ETR8LF2 Just got this one as well, did you solve it by adding ^js somewhere, or did you downgrade some dependency?


FWIW the issue went away when I downgraded to 2.20.14 of Shadow-CLJS


Good to know. I wasn't able to get around it by changing my code, I might see if I can suppress the warning for now


If you just suppress it without fixing it, your production code might potentially be broken. No idea how large of a potential it is with this particular instance, but should be easy enough to check.


Oo thanks for heads up. I've just tested and it does still seem to work