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Sam Ritchie13:04:13

hey all! I am looking to put together a library of reagent components (wrapping and extending a pure react library), and was curious what folks recommend for some Devcards-like docs/example site these days. is storybook the right way to go, using something like and or devcards, or seem like the other two options.

Sam Ritchie14:04:10

and a similar question: the library I am working with has a ton of examples that I’d like to port to reagent. if I want to demo all of these, is storybook (or one of the other options) the right thing to do? (ie code up each example as a “component” with a story, even though each is sort of its own standalone thing vs a component meant for re-use.)

Sam Ritchie18:04:34

here is the storybook version of a component, btw


I think for documentation purposes, storybook is really good


the downside of storybook is it requires a separate web pack bundler step, so it's not so great for local dev IMO