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By any chance, does anyone know what references or libraries I might want to look at, if I want to have animated tooltips? Like a using a gif. Similar to examples here


If I understand you correctly, you’re really just looking for any React/Reagent tooltip/popup component, because any tooltip/popup component worth its:salt: should be able to display a gif as its content. For example, if you were using the Semantic UI React library, then your could look like this:

[:> Popup 
  {:content (r/as-element [:img src="<path-to-gif>.gif"])
   :trigger (r/as-element help-button)}]

;; Where r refers to reagent.core and help-button is some Reagent component you've defined
You could also just as easily create your own Reagent popup component. And, if you’re looking to create hosted gifs/mp4s from screen captures easily, then I recommend using;lang=en. Also, in general it’s better to use video formats instead of gifs in web-development 😄