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max minoS14:06:15

what would be the equivalent of next/gatsby (server-side rendering/static site generation) for reagent?


There isn’t a huge community for SSR w/ Reagent. I don’t know of any well-supported projects


You can of course compile your CLJS code that uses reagent and run it on Node.js, but most people do not


Rum and Fulcro both support JVM SSR, which is more the way Clojure people prefer to go.

max minoS16:06:59

what about for better SEO?


But they don’t have the level of framework (handling routing, complex hydration, blog features, etc.) that Next and Gatsby do.


I don’t get the impression that many users of reagent care a ton about SEO. Most of the pages I’ve seen use CLJS and reagent are single page apps


At my previous job, we server side rendered our site using reagent, CLJS and Node.js. But it was a non-trivial amount of engineering


We did care about SEO and loading fast on smaller devices, so it made the tradeoff worth it


I’m not saying it’s impossible! Just responding to the question of if there is an equivalent of Next.js or Gatsby, which makes it super easy to get started with, and the answer is no

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Or at least, not yet :)