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Hi, I am learning clojurescript & reagent so a green newbie. I am struggling to render a form2 component. I keep getting #object[Error Error: No protocol method IDeref.-deref defined for type cljs.core/PersistentVector: [#object[reagent$core$atom] error. I can't understand what the error is... any pointers?


@abhishek.mazy you are using the deref @ on a vector. looks like you might have @[(r/atom {})] or (let [thing [something]] @thing) somewhere?


yes you are right. I found the bug. Will be more careful in future. Thanks!!

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Ivan Fedorov14:05:37

Hey there! What’s your opinion on the best approach to SSR with Reagent / re-frame? Any good recent articles? Or any drop-in replacements for reagent.dom/render ?


I haven't attempted SSR, but I would check out if you haven't yet already

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Has anyone had success using event listener breakpoints with Reagent components? Is it possible to achieve? For example, if I put an :on-click listener on a Reagent component, I would expect the breakpoint to take me to the line of code where that listener is defined


Please don't ask the same question in multiple channels within a short time frame. I've answered in #re-frame


My apologies, thanks for the answer