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hey guys! I've been learning reagent and hoplon and I'm trying to understand the differences between them... of course I understand they use completely different libs and nomenclatures but in the end they seem like pretty much the same thing: you set some state in a ratom/cell, write a view function that emits html, this view automatically reacts when said state changes.. is there any difference that I'm failing to pick up?


They both provide: • state management • hiccup syntax • ability build UI components So, the way I would think about them is similar to how I would think about them if we were in JS land where you would compare building an app in React or jquery (+ some extra libs).


Keep in mind, i’m speaking about the functionality in broad strokes. If you wanted to go a level deeper, you could find further differences in: • library maintenance • performance • 3rd party library support • underlying library documentation • your project type (hobby, product etc) • [insert criteria here]


but yeah, they ultimatley do the same thing: build UIs 😄