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Alexander Knemeyer12:12:45

Hey everyone. I'd like to open a new window but let it share state with the original window. I see how I could do this with a draggable modal, but I'm hoping for something which could eg. be moved over to a second monitor, so that you could use the original and new window at the same time. I know how to do the absolute basics of new window stuff (basically just (js/ "" "_blank" "height=200,width=200")) and have a vague understanding of react portals but I just don't seem to understand how to bridge the two. Could anyone help with a tiny code snippet? eg. storing a counter atom in the original window, which is live-displayed in a popup component I'm quite new to js and cljs - please let me know I'm approaching this in a silly way!

Alexander Knemeyer12:12:36

Ah, I think I asked too soon. I just found this tutorial in case anyone else wants to know the answer