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Hi, Is anybody already used posed (react-pose) from popmotion with reagent. I have no problem to use react-spring but can’t make react-pose work ... Many thanks


@polymeris yes diffing strings is not part of React's job spec


@ouvasam it will be hard to diagnose anything without seeing some code. In general anything in React should work, or can be made to work, in Reagent


(I already posted this in beginners, but this might be a better venue - my apologies if i'm breaking protocol/etiquette...) Hi, I'm trying to add a set of default styles on (for example) a material-ui button. In the code below, I'd like styles to be applied to the button - but I'm not sure where/when/how to apply it.

(ns ui.buttons.basic
  (:require [reagent.core :as r]
            [stylefy.core :as s]
            ["@material-ui/core/Button" :default Button]))

(def styles {:background-color "red"})
(def button (r/adapt-react-class Button))
I want to be able to (require [ui.buttons.basic :as b]) and use the button with the red background. Am I missing something obvious? I'm using shadow-cljs to have access to material-ui like that...Thanks!


Hi @pesterhazy and thanks for your reply


(:require ["react-posed" :default posed]) posed.div should then work