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could anyone help me? i removed unused soda-ash dependency and after that i am getting

Uncaught Error: js/ReactDOM is missing


how do i fix this?


@lepistane It looks like your project is missing a dependency on react DOM


and there are several ways to go about getting that and it also depends on what else you are using


isn't that included with reagent?


if you are using reagent 0.8x there are some details


but I don’t know what your setup is, so can’t say for sure


i am using someone else's project i did some refactoring i think it's not setup correctly


reagent i am using is 6.0


I think with no other changes, the react cljsjs dependencies are transitively included via reagent


however, you may have :exclusions setup etc, so I don’t know


it does at least seem like you are missing a dependency on react-dom


I’m not sure if you are using lein, boot, etc to build. If you are using lein one thing to take a look at is lein deps :tree

Julien Fleury16:08:47

Hi there! I’m trying to import react + other react js modules aside from reagent, with a webpack bundle. It works well with reagent 0.6.0 and React 15 but I didn’t succeed to make it work for Reagent 0.8.1 and React 16. Did someone already had the problem ? I opened an issue on pesterhazy/double-bundle github example :


@julien.fleury I don’t see you have any reference to the bundle via :foreign-libs


it is related to this double bundle setup, but maybe has a bit more guidance with the :foreign-libs part

Julien Fleury16:08:21

Yes, I tried that too. From what I understand, if I had a :foreign-lib, then I should remove the “script” in html page, because then the js compiled code is integrated in the clojure compiled code

Julien Fleury16:08:45

But unfortunately, couldn’t get it to work too


yes, that is correct - and I prefer the :foreign-libs approach so it integrates a bit more smoothly


what error do you get? and have you made sure to fully clean your environment

Julien Fleury16:08:46

how do you clean ? I basically run a lein clean

Julien Fleury16:08:00

I agree, I better like the foreign-libs too, here was my problem with foreign-lib:

Julien Fleury16:08:49

Well, I got back to this solution again, cleaned everything (node_modules, resources/public/js).. And it seems to work (not yet entirely sure)

Julien Fleury16:08:19

Maybe a change I did in the meantime...

Julien Fleury17:08:34

It really works ! Many many thanks ! =D


@julien.fleury yeah I think it was trying to scan through your node_modules I guess.


You can set that to false with a flag I think so it doesn’t attempt that maybe.


Anyone see a problem where TextFields can’t be filled when using the Material UI TextField fix?


When I control the components with re-frame I can edit them just fine, but non-managed components can’t.


I think this is a general reagent db/ratom design question. At first I thought having a single ratom that held all state was a 'great' plan. This works (for some value of 'works') but since any change to any part of it will result in a new value for it, basically everything will re-render (even if most of those are pointless overhead). OTOH, having ratoms all over the place seems like a bad idea as well. So, what do people who know consider best (or at least better) practice here?