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Michael Thurmond15:08:23

has anyone had success using react-sticky in a CLJS project?

Michael Thurmond15:08:34

or any other sticky header for that matter

Michael Thurmond16:08:31

for holding a table header in place


@thurmondmb there’s no reason why it won’t work. are you having a specific problem?

Michael Thurmond16:08:10

yea getting it in the project has been a pain

Michael Thurmond16:08:24

[cljsjs/react-sticky "6.0.2-0"]``

Michael Thurmond16:08:53

in require [cljsjs.react-sticky]

Michael Thurmond16:08:12

but I get tons of react errors about the DOM

Michael Thurmond16:08:50

so now I'm going back in and messing around with the project.clj ;[cljsjs/react "15.6.2-5"] ;[cljsjs/react-sticky "6.0.1-0" :exclusions [cljsjs/react cljsjs/react-dom]] ;[cljsjs/react-sticky "5.0.8-0"] [cljsjs/react-sticky "6.0.2-0"] [cljsjs/prop-types "15.6.2-0"] [cljsjs/react-dom "15.6.2-5"] [cljsjs/react "15.6.2-5"]


can you use shadow-cljs?


using cljsjs is always going to be a nightmare


I just got it working in 10 minutes from a fresh shadow starter kit

Michael Thurmond16:08:43

I'll look into that


if i can figure out the git incantations i’ll throw this example up on github

Michael Thurmond16:08:50

thanks, can I use it with lein?


yea you can embed it with lein


there’s a lot of documentation and #shadow-cljs

João Lucas17:08:11

I've been trying to use react-select. However the rendering is messed up: the input field is small and options list isn't rendered on a pop-up/modal. I'm also using material-ui and following this example. Has anyone faced a similar issue or knows what's going on?


@jlucas.nsilva sounds like you’re not shipping the right css perhaps? i’m not the familiar with how material-ui works but that’s what it sounds like


the other option is that sometimes you are required to pass a style object down to your component

João Lucas17:08:24

Thank you. I'll check it.

João Lucas17:08:55

The no css files are refered in the cljsjs react-select's README. The component (Select, from react-select) allows for the user to provide custom components. I did as the example linked above shows, but the components I provided are not being mounted.


@jlucas.nsilva hard to diagnose what’s going on from what you’ve said so far

João Lucas18:08:23

That's how the select is displayed when I do

João Lucas18:08:03

Same thing happened to me when I attempted to use "pikaday" from cljsjs.

Michael Thurmond18:08:00

not going to lie, I have a pretty big project and I'm not sure if I want to re-configure it to run shadow js (hopefully I am articulating myself well enough here)

Michael Thurmond20:08:14

also is it possible to create a stationary header for a dynamic table with hiccup and css?


anything you can do with react you can do with reagent


it’s just a layer on top of react

Michael Thurmond21:08:53

ha yea I figured since reagent is built on react 🙂