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Anyone know why this would work in a shadow repl but fail in a component (-> row vals string/join) vals gives an error that row is not a function but row is a dict


Could someone explain why [:> Test {:foo-bar "bar"} results in the Test getting props of {'fooBar': 'bar'} but [:> Test #js {:foo-bar "bar"} {'children': {'foo-bar: 'bar'}


This was a huge pain in the ass. In the end I wrote a small JS component that prints the props, since I didn't figure out a way to see which way reagent really passes props to react components


I guess it’s because in reagent props must be in a clojure map and

(map? #js{:a 2})
=> false
And because reagent doesn’t recognize js object as props it’s interpreted as children that should be passed to the component.


Yeah, the props map itself needs to be a map?; anything below that can also be a js datastructure. Agree that this is hard to grok and not well documented @tomi.hukkalainen_slac


can i do something like : (defn all-things [] (fn [] (doall (for [x l] [:h1 (:name x)}])))) and then [all-things] ?


and what is the meaning of this error: uncought error: Objects are not valid as React child (found: object with keys (name, id, class)) if you meant to render a collection of children, use an array instead.


@abdullahibra try wrapping the doall with a [:div ... ]


Common patterns is to do something like this

(into [:div] (for [i (range 5)]
                      [:h1 (str i)]))


@gadfly361 @valtteri great thanks guys 🙂

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I think the fact that reagent/create-element will take an #js "map" is the mental mismatch


It is clear that : > will just convert it to reagent component, which then needs a clojure map, but the magic could go either way


And some kind of warning would be really nice, at least in dev mode


I'm not sure it would be possible to give warning in this case. Both uses are valid but mean different things.


you know i’ve been telling people to use that into pattern but you can also just drop the sequence in directly. the only issue is that it requires a key