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Hi, I new here (to clojure). I started playing with Reagent. I was wondering if there are any guides or documentation to related to adding npm modules into Reagent project. I tried searching for it, but could not find any. If this is not the correct place to ask please let me know. Thanks.


@prabhath6 If you are just playing around and don’t have an existing code base, take a look at the shadow-cljs build tool. It allows you to just install npm modules using npm or yarn and then use them directly without further configuration. The webpack solution is probably a bit more foolproof in certain cases but it is also more work.


i do not have an existing codebase. i will try out shadow-cljs. How well does that integrate with reagent.


it works great. it’s not a library: it replaces lein and figwheel.


there’s a #shadow-cljs channel if you need help


cool thanks will check that out