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Hello all, I´m using libs from cljsjs and I´m getting this error after including the lib "Accessing createClass via the main React package is deprecated". What is it means?


I converted to re-frame after writing a fairly large app in all reagent. I was happy with the conversion. Ended up converting that whole project to re-frame. I think the instant good stuff around inspection and tooling are good wins. Also it gives a pretty good way to organize all the state management business. However I don’t think I’ve found the best way to clearly articulate all the benefits I feel after transitioning

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And I do think you can just be as hoc disciplined in reagent and have good success too. Especially if you’ve got some experience and good patterns down around organizing state etc.


that always seems to be the story when it comes to state management. “We tried our own solution and wish we had the support from using a community standard.” We did the same thing at work with our React Native apps, but now we’re slowly converting to Redux