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are there any examples of a library or framework that allows you to bundle a data query (a la Om.Next, Apollo, Relay, etc.) with a reagent component?


re-frame, rum queries...


I don’t know how re-frame addresses this specifically, or what rum queries are


do you have any examples?


@lilactown apologies for the vague response... mobile.. So 1st check out re-frame the queries that you refer to are implemented as reactive subscriptions to the data model. It is easy to pick up, scales great... and has lots of addons... plus the docs are great IMO


I see. I understand where my confusion came from: one of the biggest requirements I have is server-side rendering - which stuff like reagent subscriptions cannot handle


i have to say I have no experience of isomorphic reagent/re-frame.. but i have tried rum and it is isomorphic by default.... It has a nice (for me) way of co-locating queries and views that make it very easy to pick up...