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hey react users, @mikethompson, @mikerod (and any other mikes of the world), I finally pulled together most of the documentation from /docs and from the release notes into a single markdown file. I have also added my own React interop guide. For now, I just put the draft up here but I’d appreciate thoughts on how best to finish this up and share it. I have read through and realize there are a lot of opinions on doc technology, but I think the advice to just get the content done in the easiest way possible is well taken. Is a pull request the right thing to do here? I want people to be able to contribute easily. There are quite a few TODOs in places where my knowledge is missing.


@lee.justin.m I think there are good comments on the PR 343 at this point from those who have more to say regarding organization and process.


I read the section that I believe that you added on “Interop with React” and I think it was well said and captures what I think would be helpful to people there. So I don’t have anything to add other than +1 to that section. I’ll keep an eye on the Reagent docs overall and that PR to see how things go from here.


@lee.justin.m Woohoo, this is exciting! Yes, I think a PR is the right thing to do here


so maybe just add it to docs and do a PR?


sounds good to me


@lee.justin.m If you haven't seen it, 302 ( is also a relevant issue along with 209 which you already referenced


Yea I read all of the documentation-tagged issues


that list of things is in the “TODO” section at the bottom


Awesome 🙂


okay PR #343 submitted


@lee.justin.m sent over a PR to your version ... just adding tags to a few missed source code blocks