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Found the solution for this problem. Here's the updated gist: The solution was to also treat the params as part of the state. Hope this also helps people with similar problem, just in case.


Somebody used doc/pdf/docx viewer? as eg. first page screenshot or full load? in reagent/re-frame? what do you would like to advice to use?


@sb you mean an in-browser pdf or word renderer?


@lee.justin.m yes, I would like add a viewer in browser (like in slack)


The best in-browser PDF renderer is pdf.js (a mozilla project). It is a bit complex to use. If you want to have control over it, you need to use reagent to render a canvas, then use the lifecycle hooks to point pdf.js to the canvas. I don’t know of any word in-browser renderers.


thanks! yes I would like to check what is possible really


May not meet your needs but I just render the PDF in an iframe and let the browser plugin do the work.