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I don’t see the issue though. I haven’t gotten to try running that example myself yet though. I can tomorrow and see. Looked like it should work to me. @raheel


@U0LK1552A I did move on to a different integration. Had success with Slate: However, I am now stuck at specifying the on-change property in the Editor constructor (example in that link). Any ideas how I would replicate:

onChange = ({ value }) => {
    this.setState({ value })


well that comes down to how you are managing yoru state


it’d basically end up coming down to something like:

(let [ed (create-the-editor-somehow)
      v @some-state
      change! (fn [v]
                (reset! some-state v))]
  [:> ed {:value v
          :on-change change!}])


1) I’m not sure how you are managing state in general 2) I’m not sure how you have brought in the component, but I’m guessing you have a native React component you are trying to use in the Hiccup.

Ivan Fedorov22:12:28

Good day channel! I'm trying to get into clojurescript and reagent, but stuck with Uncaught ReferenceError: react_dom is not defined (on 0.8.0-alpha2). Non-reagent clojurescript works fine. All of it regardless if figwheel is turned on or off. So what can I read to understand the cause? I see the ReactDOM in globals. And contrary to what I have in project generated by lein new reagent my-thing my app is a set of different js files instead of a single one


can you push your project to github? it'd be easier than having people ask you for bits of the code piece by piece