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Yehonathan Sharvit09:09:17

Hello there, a question related to ratoms

Yehonathan Sharvit09:09:38

Do they use react state internally

Yehonathan Sharvit11:09:33

1. I’m preparing a talk about the advantages of reagent over react.js and I’d like to bring a concrete example

Yehonathan Sharvit11:09:44

2. where and why caching is needed?


1. Is about comparing immutable structures, same benefits as with Immutable.js


2. Not sure what caching means here

Yehonathan Sharvit11:09:56

1. How can we come up with a concrete benchmark/example that demonstrates the perfomance gain?


@viebel, about ratoms - React knows three ways to cause a component to be rerendered 1. changed this.props 2. manually re-running ReactDOM.render (which actually forces an update) 3. changed this.state Reagent uses 2 to implement ratoms, not 3. Typical Reagent apps don't have any this.state. Even if you're using r/state, that is actually implemented using a ratom IIRC