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@lexwin the end result looks great! :thumbsup:


I’m still hoping that we can arrive at a more reagent-y way of doing it


Ye, that was what I was aiming for. It's a shame it needs to be this complicated.


I’d like to give it a go, too, don’t know when I’ll have the time


There was an old ticket on reagent github where someone brought it up.


I haven’t really looked through your usage of channels and all that, I’m not used to reading core.async code 🙂 So no comments on that part


do you have a link for that?


Ye, I haven't come to any conclusion what method of syncing the two callbacks is the best but I really like this async thingy.

Joshua Suskalo16:08:21

So I've learned the basics of reagent at this point, been doing some clojure for a couple years, but mostly for desktop applications. Where would I go to find out more about the kinds of components I can use to build up a high-quality interface for an SPA using reagent? What I've managed to find hasn't been very helpful, rarely doing anything more than some basic text formatting and :div's.

Joshua Suskalo16:08:22

For whatever reason it seems immensely hard for me to find anything about web development that isn't targeted at either multi-year veterans of web dev, or people who've never seen a line of code in their life. That middle ground seems like the holy grail that will bridge me into being able to do the stuff talked about in that first category, but it also seems nigh-on impossible to find.

captainlexington16:08:13 is a very nice set of flexible components for reagent, although it has no support for mobile


I use h-box and v-box elements probably far more than I should

Joshua Suskalo17:08:02

Awesome! Thanks! I'm mostly shooting for desktop targets anyways, probably using electron. I don't plan on doing too much web development outside what's needed to promote my work.


It also seems plausible that regular vanilla React component packs could be used with Reagent with minimal work, but I don't know enough about the eternals to know if this is true, or what that work would be


@suskeyhose Don't forget to check out It will give you a good grounding on the primary layout containers for re-com