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@jtth For me it comes down to how much 'extra' weight I want to add to my application. When you decide to bring in the react components for bootstrap or semantic ui or material ui, then the size of app goes up quote a bit (this may not matter for many people). If i am using several of the react components that require some bits of javascript like a modal, etc., then I will feel good about the tradeoff between development convenience and the extra size i added to the app. However, if I am only using a single component that requires javascript such as a modal ... i will likely prefer to just include the css files and make that modal by hand, rather than bringing in all the react components. With that in mind, it is easier to add and remove the react components if you are otherwise just using the css classes. OTOH, if you know you are going to use the react components, then i definitely prefer to just use them for everything ... you already have paid for the buffet meal at that point, so get your money's worth lol


I really enjoy that semantic ui has a cdn for all of their components, so you can cherry pick even the css if what you want. So i mostly handroll my own css these days and may include a component or two from semantic.


Nice. That’s a good metric; thanks!


You’ve been really helpful to me today and I really appreciate it!