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does anyone else have an answer for this? I would also like to know if there is a "Clojure" way to serialize a form


If you have a clj(s) datastructure and just want to serialize it, it’s often just a matter of using pr-str, eg (pr-str {:foo 42 :bar "hello"})


To deserialize it, you can then use cljs.reader/read-str or clj.core/read-str


Regarding capturing data, the idiomatic way of doing it in React (and Reagent) is to use controlled components, as described here:


It's a bit of a longer topic, but there are definitely reasons to use uncontrolled inputs in a lot of cases. (Hopefully React Fiber will help with controlled input perf.) In my JS work, I tend to default to uncontrolled inputs unless there's a reason not to.