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@borkdude This is the critical bit: > One peculiarity about the props function is that it expects the props data to be the first argument to your function. Also it has to be a map (if it’s not props returns nil).


quick q: do you even need something like redux-saga in reagent/re-frame? - are there any examples that solve similar kinds of problems (an event which waits for an async request and dispatches more events)


@cmal Article with the general pattern to use + links to some D3 examples:


@gadfly361: great meeting you over lunch at Iron Works yesterday. It just clicked where I recognized your handle from (I'm a bit slow sometimes 😊)


Great meeting you too! I can be a bit shy sometimes, but thank you for letting me sit with you all :)


@ashconnor yes, that pattern works (a very simple state machine). For something more complicated see re-frame-async-flow


@ashconnor there is as one option for state machine type things