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hi fellow reagent users, i have a short question: i know that in order to properly escape strings in hiccup you need to use hiccup/h (Alias for hiccup.util/escape-html), is this necessary in reagent components as well? As I have understood, reagent provides hiccup- like syntax to create components, not hiccup explicitly.


Anyone successfully integrated reagent with draft js? I’ve been hearing bad things


@dev-hartmann Not sure if this is what you are getting at or not, but here is an example of how to display html: [:div {:dangerouslySetInnerHTML {:__html "<b>I am bold</b>"}}]


@dev-hartmann this also works for entities: first (:require [goog.string :as gstring]) then [:div "hello" (gstring/unescapeEntities "&nbsp;") "there"]