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hey yall, is it possible to use ReactTransitionGroup with reagent?


cool, is it also possible to use ReactTransitionGroup instead of ReactCSSTransitionGroup? it looks like for whatever reason the :component-will-enter methods aren’t firing


today's crazy experiment: I think I'm going to try to use a chrome extension to inject reagent code into existing non-react pages. I wonder if this will work at all? my hope is that I can just shove a div into those pages, then shove the whole virtual dom into that div, and it'll just magically work. has anyone else tried this? I guess that isn't really different from how we ordinarily use reagent in an app.js kind of thing... but with an entire prexisting dom, well...


oh, I didn't know those are different, so dunno


thanks anyhow 🙂


@gowder: you can mount multiple react components at different points on a page - i did that with om/previous a while back


thanks @mccraigmccraig . I'm doing some serious code injection on complex existing pages, heh, for all I know the pages I'm trying to manipulate already are using react, so that's reassuring...