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in case anybody is interested, I made a demo Todo List app using Posh, which is a lib I wrote that lets you easily use DataScript to store a single app state for Reagent. Here's a link:


It was really easy to write. the hardest part is thinking up the database schema, so I'm excited to write a real app with it, though I have to think of a good way to sync the DataScript db with a back-end Datomic db first


@mpdairy: psyched to check that (and Posh) out. I’ve been thinking of adding DataScript to our Reagent front-end anyway, and this seems like a really nice way to go about it.


i think you'll like it if you like DataScript since you pretty much just use q, pull, and transact! to get things done. I've never really used regular Reagent or Om so I'm curious to know if Posh is much easier to use


do you happen to have any good ideas for syncing your DataScript db with a Datomic back-end?


I haven’t actually used DataScript or Datomic before — I’m interested in exploring that model, though, and using DataScript as a front-end DB with Reagent seems like a good way to experiment.


(hence no idea on DataScript/Datomic syncing — my understanding from David Nolen’s talk at the conj was that Om Next is going to address that, so you might check out how he’s approaching it)


Oh right I had heard that Om Next could use datomic for the state


I'll check it out


and/or DataScript, with what sounded like at least some degree of transparent syncing.


It’s a great (and almost hilariously fast-paced) talk simple_smile


Just went back & rewatched part of it; if you don’t want to watch the whole thing (though I recommend it) there’s a section on caching starting at 32:35 and then a section on client-side storage at 35:28.


@mikethompson: you know how in Reagent the reactions aren't actively looking for changes unless they are in components that are actually loaded and rendered? is there some way to tell when reactions go dormant because their components are no longer loaded in the react tree?


or really, I just need a list of actively listening reactions