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@gstamp: I don't know if you're looking to switch your testing setup, but I can heartily recommend lein doo.


It's the first thing that's actually worked well for me.


@zane: Thanks. I will definitely look into it. I was mainly on clojurescript.test because reagent template used it by default but the Clojurescript testing landscape seems to have moved on.


Hello, I want to render a svg file as reagent data structure. I load i into an core.async channel and parse it with hickory to get it as hiccup style format. After that I mount the result into my component. But i only renders some numbers, but no content.


When I print the result to the console and copy it into the component, it works fine. What have I overseen?


@danielgrosse: when asking a question please attempt to state the problem as clearly and minimally as possible. I find what you say above a bit confusing: an SVG file will be full of svg elements like <line ...> and <g ...>. Are you saying that the contents of an SVG file is passed via core.async (as a string?) and then parsed by hickory and then mounted (how?) into a component?? Happy to help, but we'll need to see a minimal gist. I'd got a feeling that core.async is not really any part of the problem. You just want to know how to turn a string containing SVG into something you can render in a component???


I'm using reagent-template's way of routing. I'm trying to redirect a hash but find that I need to do an extra session/put! like so:

(defroute "/" [] (do (session/put! :current-page #'main-production-page)
                     (set-hash! "/production")))
(defroute "/production" [] (session/put! :current-page #'main-production-page))


if I just do set-hash! the page doesn't load


anyone seen this before?


refactored my current-page dispatch and it's working now




Can you share the refactored code?