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Any experiences with a UI framework that works nicely with Reagent (initialization/updates should work, which it doesn’t out-of-the-box with frameworks such as Angular-based OnsenUI etc.)?


@zane @danielcompton: IIRC I only updated the value inside reaction when query result changed, so that should probably, so it should be passing identical? check. Or at least that was my intention.


@luposlip: ifdo you mean mobile UI framework giving Onsen as an example, or just a generic UI framework?


@jaen Both, actually. I’m currently using OnsenUI for mobile app development (with Reagent, even though they're not optimal together), and Bootstrap for the desktop client. But would like some more modern approach, optimally working great for both desktop and mobile, but that’s not a requirement.


I haven't yet used any of those for real, but material-ui, Touchstone and Reapp seem interesting for mobile development with React.


tnx for the input @jaen!


For non mobile I've seen


But didn't try it, using Bootstrap and stealing bit of code from re-com if I need a more complex component was good enough for me for now.




@luposlip: have you see re-com?


Nope @danielcompton, somehow I didn't notice it! Update: I remember looking at it some day, but since it doesn't work with IE10, I'm not able to support my customers with it ;)

Petrus Theron12:09:30

Is there a lightweight tag selector for reagent around? Preferably with autocomplete suggestions, that does not require large forms libraries.


I'm using reagent template and it includes the following test command in the project.clj:

:cljsbuild {
  :test-commands {"unit" ["phantomjs" :runner
I was wondering what the :runner directive was for? I had trouble finding where it was documented.


See clojurescript.test, should be documented there (which btw was just deprecated a few days ago)


I was trying to figure out if there is a way to automatically rerun the tests without the startup overhead of lein. At the moment it’s 15 seconds just to run the simple example test.


Oh man that's slow! I havent used clojurescript.test before. Been using cljs.test and its really lightweight and fast. If you'd like to see a setup see reagent-figwheel or re-frame-template


Lein new reagent-figwheel <app-name> +test


As an aside, devcards are nice for testing too and really fast when paired with figwheel


devcards looks great. Exactly the sort of fast feedback loop I’m looking for.