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@sooheon: reforms looks nice, thanks for sharing it simple_smile

Petrus Theron07:06:57

Re-frame: when to use register-base vs register-handler? It seems that register-handler is meant for side-effecting events.

Petrus Theron07:06:05

OK, checked the source. register-handler seems to be a wrapper for register-base with syntactic sugar generally expecting a pure handler function.


Unless you're doing something out of the ordinary, you'll want register-handler

Petrus Theron10:06:36

I'm seeing an inscrutable error in my re-frame app:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_currentElement' of null
How do I debug this?

Petrus Theron10:06:47

It was a circular dependency error that only showed up when I stopped figwheel and tried a recompile.

Petrus Theron11:06:46

Re-frame: should I be passing dereferenced subscriptions to subcomponents, or plain reactions that are then dereferenced in the child components?


dereferenced subscription meaning data? I usually deref on the page-level component and work with the data from there