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I'm using re-frame with reagent, and now I'd like to throw my Big Atom into a database. So I need to POST it - but I need to include a CSRF token with the request. Anyone know how to do this? Sadly this doesn't seem to work:

Petrus Theron12:06:35

Does reagent use sablono under the covers to transform its hiccup-like syntax?

Petrus Theron15:06:19

How are you guys doing SPA routing with reagent and re-frame?


I use secretary. Take a look at re-frame-template. You can make a new app with routing by typing the following in the terminal: lein new re-frame myapp +routes


Hello all! I have idiomatic question about re-frame. What is the best practice creating forms in re-frame? As example simple case -- login/register form in big SPA application (with validation, etc.)


@sherpc: not re-frame, but maybe you could start with


@sooheon I prefer reagent and I now about reforms and also reagent-forms solutions. My problem is how to best integrate it to re-frame


I see. reforms is both reagent and om, btw. As for integrating, since its just the hiccup-like forms anyway, the only thing you’d have to watch for is the :on-click


make it do a re-frame/dispatch


and of course subscribe to the right stream


other than that I don’t see why it wouldn’t just be a drop in.