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Hello Channel, So looking at the survey which 22 people took (I really appreciate it) 90% of us had not been part of an online reading group. Over 70% of us had used Clojure before 80% of which considered themselves beginners. We're also pretty new to Functional programming 70% considered themselves as beginners, but we seem to have a firm grasp on OOP/ imperative paradigms. I was really happy with the fact that 90% of respondents would like to get together with people from this group and build something. That is pretty awesome. As far as books go the clear winner was Joy of Clojure with over 75% of the vote. I would really like to get started soonish, I have a hard copy of the book already, but a cursory google can you get pdf copies, however if you enjoy the book I would urge you to support the authors and get a copy. Perhaps a good start would be for us to get hold of copies and read the first two chapters Clojure philosophy, and Drinking from the Clojure fire hose. If we could start a discussion on what we've read from those chapters or even share some code we wrote after reading the chapters that would be awesome. To encourage some form of unified progress I think we could probably read a chapter a week. I was thinking maybe we could move on to chapter three on Monday 6th July giving us three weeks to get through the first two chapters which should be more than enough. As for building stuff please feel free to contact people in the group and and chat with them! I'm interested in trying to build some simple webapps maybe creating some visualisations and applying machine learning, so if that interests you hit me up and we can have a chat. I look forward to seeing discussions about all things clojure!