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The Joy of Clojure seems to be promising. I'd also like to read it.


+1 for joy of clojure. I'm re-reading after getting started with clojure again


and a +1 for Purely Functional Data Structures at some point in the future @bjarnagin


Another +1 for Joy of Clojure. My Clojure skill level is beginner to advanced beginner, but once upon a time I did make it halfway through SICP.


Hello all, it seems like there are quite a few people. I only expected about 5 or 6 people to join, but at 25 this is pretty awesome. It seems that almost everyone who has posted has suggested Joy of Clojure. I think it would be a great place to start for all of us if people are happy with it. I'm going to post a little survey asking about what people want, interests, and a ability. One of the things I would have really liked to get out of this is not only reading about Clojure, but getting together and building something. given there are so many of us it may be a good idea to get into a few groups including all abilities. Not only could we get together to discuss the book we could present something we have built


Maybe this is totally the wrong idea, but have you seen ? It supports 20 languages including clojure, java, haskell, scala, ocaml, F#, C#, etc. So you can solve game in language you already know then try again using clojure. Or maybe try in the various functional programming languages to see what is common techniques?


Hi all, as promised: It would be nice to get started in the next week or so. I'll leave the survey open until Saturday at midnight (GMT). (changed Monday -> Saturday).