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Hey @gjnoonan: , So I was thinking that we could get a book, read and discuss chapters on a fortnightly basis, but most importantly I would like to build something. Posting new books, and articles would be greatly appreciated. What may be a good start is that we post what we know and how comfortable with the Clojure language. I'm a bit of a beginner myself, so am happy to take it quite slow, but am also willing to get deep into writing code. It would also be good to suggest a book that may interest us. I'm interested in machine learning and data visualisation so anything involving that would be of interest and also what projects we may like to build.


The suggestion of creating a channel came from a Reddit post I made asking if people were interested in getting together to read something on Clojure together and build something.


Selfishly suggesting books I have, but have not yet finished reading: Clojure Programming, The Joy of Clojure 2nd edition, Web Development with Clojure, or Mastering Clojure Macros.


Clojure Applied is probably my next purchase


For programming practice how about starting with the clojure track? Experienced Clojurians could provide feedback (nitpick)


Clojure reading group sounds like a good idea. My personal preference would be to read something at a late beginner level, since that's my current level of skill 😀


Machine learning and data visualization are also of interest to me, though I'm inexperienced in those fields


Maybe Joy of Clojure? It has a lot to discuss inside, and advanced people can give advice while learning too


Maybe we could get a list together of books and then make groups based on interests. (Mark "I am reading this!" next to a book in the list) ex. List of books -> Beginners read X, Machine learning guys read Y, Web Devs read Z -> discuss with own group/listen in on other groups -> learn about clojure and meet people -> build something cool simple_smile


As somebody just starting Joy of Clojure I'll throw that in as well 😉


The Joy of Clojure :thumbsup:


I'm pretty new but Joy of Clojure looks good, gonna go ahead and pick up a copy.


Joy of Clojure sounds great. At some point in the future, I would also be interested in reading/discussing peripheral books like Purely Functional Data Structures


Here's another vote for Joy of Clojure. It goes into enough depth that more experienced Clojurians would still get something out of it, but covers a broad enough range that beginners - perhaps with a little asking about and extra reading - could also learn.


Plus I would say it is the idiomatic Clojure book - so a good one to start on.


I'm a complete Clojure beginner and would like to participate 😄