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the other day I asked about the inspiration for re-frame's implementation (specifically subscriptions). I found this which has the line: > We read up on,,,, early and re-frame is the architecture that emerged. this provides some useful context. I was also perusing Vishal's dive into historical versions of re-frame which gave me the idea to look at the early docs of re-frame hoping to find more detail. And there I found some really good info: I think the current history page is nice, but having this deep dive into how subscriptions are actually implemented with reactions would be really useful to have in the current docs as well. At some point in your re-frame journey you likely want to dive into the implementation, and yes the code is quite compact but having this narrative would be beneficial as well.


ooh woops it's already there 😅 "Intermediate 4, 5, & 6" and "Flow Mechanics" are not very obvious to me..


"Intermediate 4, 5 & 6" => "Reactive UI update" "Flow Mechanics" => "Subscription implementation" are how I think of these


I am not sure if threads get indexed by the slack backup - but in case this helps someone in the future (my future self included) there are some implementation details from the prior versions of re-frame that are not in the current documentation signal graph, subscription implementation, reagent, reactions, reaction chain also check the reagent docs


@U051V5LLP PRs to improve documentation are always welcome and considered on the merits of the changes proposed. CD is setup so as soon as a PR is merged it is live on the re-frame site.


Thanks @U0G75S29H good to know. I think the wording is on the "brand"/style of the docs, so I suppose you could argue either way on the labels..


Yep more in reference to if there are interesting impl details missing from the current documentation that you found useful in the link above and are still valid it would make sense to find a place for those in the new docs.