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I have a subscription chain like this

 (fn [db]
   (prn "holidays sub")
   (:holidays db)))

 (fn [db] (:people db)))

 :<- [::raw-people]
 :<- [::holidays]
 (fn [[people holidays]]
   (prn "people sub")
   (->> people
        (map process-db-user)
        (assoc-holidays holidays)
        (sort-by :name))))
And in my view I am subscribing to ::people, however, when I update :holidays in the db, people does not re-render. I only get "holidays sub" in the console. Am I doing something wrong here? I would expect people to render whenever its inputs change


Need the rest of the relevant code - how ::people is used and how you update :holidays.


So I restarted my repl and now I can no longer reproduce… it just started working 🤷 I can only imagine that my code wasn’t compiling properly and I was stuck on some old version


Can be the case. Also, re-frame documentation has a section about subscription cache and why you need to reset it when reloading your code - might be pertinent here.


Thanks, I’ll give that a read