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Dmytro Bunin09:04:38

Is there a way to detect an error in an effect? I would like to add a custom error handler for the effect that I don’t control and was wondering if this was possible?


There's not built-in functionality, but you could wrap that third-party effect handler with your own error handling by first retrieving it with (re-frame.registrar/get-handler :fx that-effect-id) and then just calling it as a function within your own effect handler Do note that re-frame.registrar/get-handler is not a public API.

Dmytro Bunin10:04:59

thanks, nice option


Hey lovely re-framers 🙂 re-frisk 1.5.0 is here

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Thanks @U0CC9TJ11 I have updated re-frame-template to use the latest re-frisk release.

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[re-frisk "1.5.0"]


• render and force update traces • watching keys in app-db • view by subs filtering


it doesn't show views names in the demo because of optimization, but they will be shown in dev