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Hey guys, re-frame is a clojurescript framework. Lots of source files are cljc files. Does this mean that re-frame works on the JVM as well?


Not sure if there's a persistent article on the topic, but IIRC it's been told that using re-frame on the backend doesn't really make sense because the sub graph won't work the same way.


I'm just looking for an elegant way to keep track of changes in the application state and like to infer new facts via ClaraRules and propagate these new fact back to the application state. That's why I remembered re-frame. Re-Frame is awesome to manage state and event producing and consuming, but sounds like it isn't an option here, right?


It is an option, and you should be able to use it. It just won't bring that much value - you effectively won't be using a whole third of it, the subscriptions.


Ok. Thanks. I will try it.


Not necessarily related to the cljc, but I was surprised to discover it works great in a webworker. You can’t touch the DOM, but it’s still a disciplined way to organize state mutation. Can’t recall if I tried any subs.