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Gleb Posobin04:11:20

@danielostling Check the requests tab in the web inspector.

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Gleb Posobin04:11:52

And also the console.

Daniel Östling06:11:22

Naturally, it was CORS. Thanks 🙂


Hi everyone, new here and fairly new to re-frame. My question that has brought me here is “is there such a thing as too many subscriptions?”. I’m building up an app where one key within app-db has about 15 subkeys. Each of the 15 is involved in a different component. Am I better off with 1 subscription to the parent and extracting the subkeys, or am I better off registering the 15 as second level subscriptions? Or is there another option I’m not seeing? 1 subscription seems like I’d be re-rendering a load of components unnecessarily. 16 subscriptions feel like a lot of boilerplate (albeit succinct boilerplate - yay cljs!)


If those are really simple keys and you get all your subs values via simple get, then performance-wise there should be no noticeable difference. Design-wise - depends on your overall approach to the development. Subs are like getters in this case.

Braden Shepherdson22:11:46

the DOM is sloooooooooow. you can run a lot of cheap subs to save a single DOM call, let alone a re-render.

Braden Shepherdson22:11:53

on the other hand, if say some 6 subs always update together, there's no real benefit to splitting them up vs. 1 sub.