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👋 I’m trying to setup a REPL connection to a freshly created re-frame project from a lein template (using lein new re-frame proj +cider). I’m using spacemacs with clojure layer. After executing cider-jack-in-cljs I get asked about shadow-cljs build, where I provide app . The cljs REPL fails to start with an exception missing instance {} with basically exact same stacktrace as in From what I understand, the case from the issue applies to a situation where deps.edn is present. This, at least as far as I can tell, is not the case for the re-frame template. Has anyone stumbled upon an issue like this? Turns out cider was defaulting to lein for running the REPL instead of shadow-cljs. After I’ve run lein watch once, the option to choose between lein and shadow-cljs appeared during connection setup process.