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I'm seeing some odd behavior in my re-frame app that I don't understand. I have an event with both an :http-xhrio effect a :db effect. The effect sends an XHR to my backend and gets a response, but the browser tab hangs (with my CPU pegged) before either the success or failure event fires.


On Chrome, the XHR is marked as "pending" in the dev tools network panel even though I can view the response headers. The backend logs indicate it finished sending the response.


On Firefox, I get a "this script is taking a long time, do you want to kill it?" message.


XHR requests can be synchronous


Oddly, if I comment out the :db effect, everything works fine.


Here's the code I'm using, in case there's something obvious I'm missing:

(rf/reg-event-fx ::create-student
  (fn [cofx [form-data]]
    {:http-xhrio {:method :post
                  :uri (api-url "/student")
                  :body form-data
                  :format :multipart
                  :response-format (ajax/text-response-format)
                  :on-success [:create-student-success form-data]
                  :on-failure [:create-student-failure]}
     ;; :db (assoc-in (:db cofx) [:xhr :create-student] {:in-flight? true})


(`form-data` is a JS FormData object provided from the form submit event.)


@dominicm - I'm not sure what the implications of a synchronous XHR would be. Could that explain the behavior I'm seeing here? And is there a way to disable synchronous XHRs from the :http-xhrio effect?


It looks like cljs-ajax only does async XHRs, so maybe synchronous XHRs aren't anything I need to worry about: > All requests are asynchronous, accepting callback functions for response and error handling.


Anyway, anybody have any ideas about what could cause this? It seems to be an infinite loop between my :http-xhrio effect and the success/failure events, but only if there's a :db effect in my effect map. Very odd!


install re-frame-10x and inspect what event handlers get dispatched


else just js/console.log your handlers to figure it out


I see nothing wrong with your handler but I can't see the rest of the code, which is probably at fault


Well, I already have prn statements at the top of my success/failure handlers, and they're not printing anything when my :db effect is present. Do you think I should use re-frame-10x or js/console.log instead?


well I mean, if you have binaryage/cljs-devtools installed (which you should have), js/console.log allows you to inspect cljs values in the console


re-frame-10x would allow you to see what are your handlers doing and what handlers are being dispatched and with what params, quite handy


it's quite absurd to think that your db effect is doing anything wrong - however you could try to do just that, return the db effect but not the http-xhrio


if it still hangs, assume you're: • using reg-event-db where you should use reg-event-fx or viceversa


• somehow overwriting the dbeffect accidentally


perhaps a subscription or a view is causing the infinite loop, try changing something else within the db and see if that helps, variations of that will help you get to the problem


tbh now that I think about it I'd bet on a sub or view causing the problem. good luck


Some very useful tips, thanks! The last thing in particular sounds like a hypothesis that fits all the facts. I bet that's my issue, somehow. Thanks!


Hi @U056QFNM5 how did your debugging go ?


Btw there is also if your interested in a http-fx alternative 😉


But I doubt that http-fx itself is the issue.


If you do find anything at fault in re-frame or http-fx I'd be very interested to hear about it so we can fix it 🙂 @U056QFNM5


Thanks @U0G75S29H! I haven't had a chance to dig in yet—it's mainly a weekend project—but I will try to report back after I do.


Your library looks interesting. Thanks for mentioning that. In terms of underlying abstractions, I definitely understand native fetch a lot better than the Google library AJAX stuff, so I'm inclined to give it a shot.


Confirmed: that was the issue! I had a component named xhr-status, which I was intending to use, but I forgot that I had introduced a new xhr-status name via the enclosing let block. Its value was @(rf/subscribe ,,,). I'm not clear on the details of why this caused an infinite loop while rendering, but it did. Thanks again for the help, @U5LPUJ7AP! /cc @U0G75S29H

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Look around the component where you dereference the subscription that uses the :in-flight? value .. pretty sure the infinite loop happens there


That's gotta be it! I can't look now, but I'm almost sure that's it. It explains everything I'm seeeng. Thanks!

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