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Eh, having an issue with 10x again, the disclosure triangles won’t drop down. Had this once before and then it stopped happening. Don’t remember if I did something to fix it.

Thomas Karras18:03:17

in the settings for 10x, clicking Factory Reset fixed that issue for me


Woot, worked for me too, tks much!

Jakob Durstberger19:03:21

Hey, hope this isn't a silly question. Is it possible to create a progressive web app with re-frame?


This is a bit off-topic, but any suggestions of re-frame-esque JS frameworks?


Redux with redux-loop might be close!

👍 4

@UDBM9Q0VC what’s the difference between mobx and redux?


i’d try out overmind ( if you’re using graphql, apollo also has local state support (it’s pretty verbose but does mean one less dependency)


@UPH6EL9DH Very interesting, have you used overmind yourself?


if I were starting a JS project I’d try and use react context apollo local state, so no I haven’t, but between mobx/redux/overmind I’d try out overmind first. as a bonus, they have support for state machines 😜


CodeSandbox, for example, is migrating from mobx to overmind (though its creator works for CodeSanbox now, but still shows its use in large production app)