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so I'm wanting to implement retrying network ops for our mobile app, so missing content gets displayed when your phone gets signal again etc


but seems to be no longer favoured


is there another approach which would allow me to determine whether a particular request is "live" and should be retried, or is "stale" and can be forgotten about (because it relates to some no longer visible UI, or a disposed sub etc)


I believe it it is best to keep all the logic, including retries and what to do on failure, etc, in event handlers. These handlers update app-db Subscriptions should just be about obtaining state from app-db and forming necessary materialised view of that data ...


... so as to allow views to render the current state, which might be "loading" or "error" etc


For example, I personally have never liked the idea of views being imperative and initiating server queries. Views should just render the state of the app.


Same with subscriptions ... I don't (now) like the idea of them being imperative and initiating server requests


That logic and all its consequences (timeouts, errors, etc) should happen in event handlers.


I'm there with the views, but the :on-dispose of the sub seems to offer capabilities which aren't available anywhere else...


Event handlers are, to me, the only thing that should update state (in response to an error, or a timeout, etc)


But, that's just me


If so, what would be the best way to implement the "whenever :x is changed in the DB, fire event :e" workflow? There's a number of ways I know of, none of which seem awfully practical.


The most practical one, probably, is to have a global interceptor that always checks the field.


Yeah, I experimented with an interceptor for that scenario


If that scenario was a recuring problem for me (which it isn't), I'd probably handle it the way that event sourcing works ...


... I'd have event handler produce "notifications" when they made changes


... as an effect ... and then have another entire set of "handlers" registered for certain kinds of notifications


But that's only if it is a real problem


(which it isn't for me)


But I'm not sure we are answering @mccraigmccraig oringal question


I'm certainly not thinking of subs modifying any state, although i am maybe thinking along the lines of an fx for a sub


Yeah, that's my personal question. :) For the past 4 years, I have been developing a few fairly complex applications with multiple reusable components. Such a workflow happens there pretty regularly. Using explicit notification effects for this workflow automatically prohibits reusable components (some library may change :x and not send a notification, but I would still like that :e to get fired).


None of the "let the user handle it" solutions really work with anything that attempts to be reusable.


However, that would be possible in a not encumbering way with just a little help from re-frame - with a function like add-global-interceptor. At least, I think so.


Checking: so you have no control over the components you are reusing?


For example, no way to alter the registration of their handlers


(to include more interceptors)


BTW, in this regard I always liked the idea of precept


Even if I have this control (I think I have - can't quickly check), it may not be the case for every future project, or for any other re-frame user.


So, am i right in saying that your solution would be to register a global handler hook?


You are making the case for that?


Or global interceptor hook


Or are you just floating the problem generally and shooting the breeze for solutions?


That's not a solution itself, but that would allow to implement a proper solution. I have thought about the problem quite a bit, and have implemented other solutions that I could think of that don't require any changes in re-frame. None of them was able to solve the problem in general.


A good problem definition is always the first step ... so let me try to repeat back to you what I have got ATM ...


1. You would like a mechanism to respond to arbitrary (event handler caused) changes at certain paths within app-db 2. The motivation comes from wanting to create, and consume re-useable components. In the case of consuming these components, you have no way to change them.


Okay, sorry, i edited the above a few times


@mccraigmccraig did I answer your question from before?


Yes, you got the points right. Also: 2.1. I want the solution to be robust. I don't want to introduce potential places where :x can change without firing :e, ever. For example, it means that even if I have control over every single piece, I don't want to add a {:notify-changed [:x]} effect into every single event handler that might change :x. It will be a nightmare to maintain.

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@p-himik I'm hitting the wall a bit here, because it is getting on to midnight and I have an early start tomorrow. Would you consider creating a re-frame issue to further refine the problem statement?


Of course!


BTW, i have doodled around with these kinds of ideas previously ...

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I'll read it, thanks!