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I want to build a simple Clojure server-side Rest API for my re-frame interface. Currently I am using Elixir+Phoneix on server side. I never used Clojure before. Do you have any framework suggestion to start build serverside for re-frame UI.

Janne Sauvala12:12:50

I have noticed that the Clojure community doesn’t like frameworks but they value smaller libraries that can be combined. If your server is simple RESTful API you can use plain Ring


Thank you. This is great I don't like frameworks neither. 🙂


I also came from Elixir+Phoenix an am now happy with Pedestal and Integrant


There's a lot of incidental knowledge about how to plug things together that can be hard to get though. They're not precisely frameworks (more like React boilerplates) but and are both good for getting started.


If I were to do it all over again, I'd probably pick those two setups apart, then go minimal with ring + integrant (and integrant.repl) + reitit for routing.


There is pedestal-api and martian which work together via Swagger


martian-re-frame has bindings for re-frame too

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(Dang, your ClojureX talk is a another victim of the SkillsMatter implosion).


Oh, I hadn't even thought that video would get lost, did they delete their YouTube account too?


hm, good question.


youtube looks a bit thin, but possible I'm looking in the wrong place.


If it was on YouTube, I can't remember. But in any case the slides are here:

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The closest thing I’m aware of that takes a slightly more “fullstack framework” approach is #fulcro. Though with Fulcro, you’ll have some unusual things to learn about (such as a normalized graph database on the browser side). On the backend, #pathom is typically used, but Pathom isn’t married to Fulcro as such. You could potentially take it and adapt it for your use. When used with Fulcro, the plumbing is basically set up for you, so there might be some extra steps involved there (you communicate with the backend using queries encoded in Transit).


This is a great intro to what Pathom does:


Woo lots of information thank you all. I am going to check all of them 🍺


I have been using domino-clj as a server side state machine. Has worked well for helping me organize the flow of data necessary to service various requests.