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@lilactown have you tried re-frame-10x ?


It's installed in the project (new to me) but I'm not sure how it could tell me if e.g. one of my effects was taking a long time


Ideally I would be able to get a flame graph that included all of my fx/subs/etc.


It doesn't yet have a flame graph, although I'll take that feedback onboard for future development. It does have the 'Trace' and 'Timing' tabs that will give you all of that information textually.


I’m looking for a library for HTML form handling (dynamic rendering, validation, all that kind of stuff). - re-com is looking very nice, but does not provide generic form wrappers - so every control has to be manually set up - reagent-forms doesn’t have that issue, but not playing well with re-frame as soon as you need to dynamically update something that is not wrapped (for ex. the list of select options) Any other pointers?


You can use some of the wrappers or write your own very quickly... validation logic is separated from UI and it works well with dynamic updates :).. the lib is battle tested in two prod projects so it’s stable... happy to hear some feedback if you give it a go


@xfyre: we ended up rolling our own.


re-com is quite well thought out but low level, and styled for their internal app.


Haven't seen anything else that deals with the complex cases as well


thanks. that’s what I actually suspected.


@shen What are you referring to when you say complex cases? 🙂


disclosure: it's been a while since I looked at what's around


but generally, cases where the component need to do parsing/unparsing (e.g. date formats)


I just had a 30s scan of fork. very neat.


Oh I see! I was just curious thanks :) yeah in the case of fork all those values manipulations should happen in your submit handler.. Also thanks for the nice comment about the lib 😊