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I wanted to double check if this is OK - if I want to noop from an interceptor (essentially skip an event) I can return nil from the :before?


Ah, I meant that I wanted the handling of the event to be a noop, like re-frame doesn’t continue handling anymore effects for that context. nil presumably works because you’ve returned something with no more effects, but wasn’t sure if that was more of a hack or an intended thing.


I'm getting some unusual behavior with reframe http fx. I'm doing a GET request and the :on-success handler gets passed in a response that doesn't match what the browser console shows. The response format is EDN. I have a :db/id and with the same integer value. Where it gets odd is that both are incremented. For example if :db/id and are supposed to be 70000000000000000, it is 70000000000000001 instead.


scratch that, issue is not inc, the last digit is just off


"All numbers in JavaScript are floating point" yeah I think that explains it