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how to you handle browser back button in SPA website ?


i'm using both secretary and accountant, works quite well


Is it ok to call (rf/dispatch ...) multiple times from a single button's on-click function?


I am sure it is


you can but maybe it would be cleaner to make a new event that uses dispatch-n

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Hi everyone, I'm completely new to web-dev and clojure. I've been playing around with Reagent and Figwheel, and its been fun. This may be a board question but I'm not sure where re-frame falls into the picture and why/when should one use it?


Re-frame focuses on client side events. It may not have a good story talking to server-side apis, so you'll end up doing lots of processing low level http requests. You may consider Fulcro which have a solid approach to that


@r.natarajan35 re-frame is a pattern to write SPA using reagent... It is a brilliant and well thought out way to write reactive apps. Read about React (facebook) and the docs of re-frame : and of reagent: to find out where it fits. Have a nice journey! 😉


Thanks, I will give them a read! 🙂