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We have some discussions, at the place I work, about passing the whole app-db to every view, so we don't have to bother with subscriptions. We don't have any expensive calculations in any of our subscriptions, so we're not super worried about performance. Are there any other real big issues with this approach?


this will mean that every view will re-render with any change to the app-db. Once your app-db starts getting bigger I think this will cause problems.

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Hi folks - can someone take a look at the following code and tell me why the re-com input-text component is not getting cleared when the enter key is pressed? thx!


I think this is just re-com. I get a similar behaviour and haven't yet come up with a way to fix it short of removing re-com and writing my own textbox handler. If you figure out a way round it, please let me know.


Scratch that, just saw gregg's message... 🙂


@U0E3H1J5Q Thanks for feedback - the fix from @U0605R7J4 was much appreciated!