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Any success stories writing GIS projects(openlayers or leaflet) with re-frame?


@U0D8J9T5K Don't know about success, but I'm doing it


The problem is the same as with ES/JS React app: there doesn't seem to be a really fitting map component. The map wants to handle its own DOM, and it keeps the markers in a kind of a virtual dom


The wrappers I've seen don't really do anything smart. IIRC if anything in their data changes, they will just erase and recreate everything

Drew Verlee18:07:35

This might be obvious, but why call the larger app state “coeffects”


@drewverlee I believe the docs mention some details on this concept


but I think it relates to the idea of “side-effects” vs “side-causes”

Drew Verlee18:07:21

ah ok. ill give that a read, its on my list.


yeah, the docs on effects/coeffects are valuable info


and they aren’t very long

Drew Verlee20:07:24

Can anyone explain the why re-frame uses the interceptor pattern? I believe i understand the pattern, but i’m not sure i understand why it makes sense to organize things this way. I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other i’m just interested if there are any notes on why 🙂


@drewverlee: is a good read on coeffects (pretty sure it was part of the inspiration)

Drew Verlee21:07:11

intresting! Thanks, i wasn’t sure if that was related


@drewverlee Your request confuses me. You say you understand the pattern then express doubt without making any point whatsoever as to why. Do you see a fault in the pattern? Do you like a different pattern? This comes, btw, from someone not enamored with the pattern!

Drew Verlee22:07:31

I should have asked if anyone knows if there is a rational anywhere that explains its use with re-frame. I’m guessing the author had his reasons, i’m curious if he jotted them down anywhere. I use “understand” fairly loosely here, I read over several high level explanations of the pattern and a blog post that gives one explanation of how it fits within reframe.


Well, you are right. The author has produced an amazing amount of quality doc but nothing I can recall justifying the architecture. Given things like Redux and Ring, maybe middleware is just the default framework design. Me, I do not like frameworks period.


So I am curious. Got an alternative in mind?


btw, I just got reminded of Mike’s distinction between interceptors and middleware, so forget everything I said. 🙂


Can anyone point to some larger re-frame apps in the wild that are on github? Something even larger than the conduit-reframe for example.


This may be bigger, depending on your metre stick: That page has a link to the live version (albeit using my JS hack, but otherwise a straight port). I also have an exemplar doing some magic on Ajax callback hell. Throw me a challenge feature-wise, I’ll try to knock it off.