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Hi! How is better to wrap a component with data fetcher in re-frame?

(defn with-fetch-table []
  (let [cached-filters (reagent/atom nil)
        cached-offset  (reagent/atom nil)
        this           (reagent/current-component)
        query-debounce (debounce re-frame/dispatch 1000)]
    (fn [{:keys [offset]
         :as   props}]
      (let [filters
            (select-keys props [:filter-1 :filter-2])
            query-fn #(query-debounce
                        {:operation-name "backoffice-fetch"
                         :refetch-on #{:table-row-remove} ;; re-frame-forward-events-fx 
                         :query (query/fetch-table
                                 (merge filters
                                        {:offset @offset}))}])]
        (when-not (= @cached-offset @offset)
          (reset! cached-offset @offset)
        (when-not (= @cached-filters filters)
          (reset! cached-filters filters)
          (reset! cached-offset 0)
          (reset! offset 0)
        (reagent/children this)))))
I use forward-fx for events that trigger re-fetching but I don't know how do to it for filters and pagination as in my example above. They are stored in simple ratom on the page, because I need them in local state only. Any best practices for such cases?


@ferossgp If I understand you issue correctly, there have been brief discussions about similar concerns in the past. It seems that mixing purely re-frame components (subscriptions for "data in", dispatches for "data out") with reagent/atom doesn't really work if you need the data from the ratoms somewhere else.

Drew Verlee12:07:07

i’m doing the walkthrough I want to get cider through emacs to connect to a repl so i can eval the clojure in emacs. Normally i would do ‘cider-jack-in’ to have cider start a repl and connect to it. In this case, i’m i supposed to connect to a repl that figwheel is starting? I ask because any combination of cider-jack-in or cider-jack-in-clojurescript i try doesn’t seem to result in a working repl (I cant eval the cljs in emacs).


What's your cider-version? 0.18.0-SNAPSHOT is undergoing heavy churn at the moment which is potentially related.


@drewverlee I don't have an answer to your question, but the question should probably be asked in #cider, #emacs, or in #clojurescript.


@drewverlee lein new re-frame +cider gives you a functional starting point where you can just cider-jack-in-clojurescript and cider will launch a figwheel repl for you (along with clj repl). Check also this


It’s also possible to start figwheel repl outside emacs and make cider connect to it but it might be simpler to use cider-jack-in-clojurescript.

Drew Verlee14:07:23

Ah gotcha, so I should connect to the repl that figwheel started


Can anyone point me to an example of a master/detail view with re-frame + bidi/pushy?