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New code tracing feature coming soon to re-frame-10x:


Daniel is tracing the code in a (not entirely sensible) event handler which is shown at the top:

(-> todos 
    (update-in ..... )
And below that you are seeing each "form" within that code, and the value it produced when it executed. So that's a trace of the actual clojure code execution, form by form. Marvel at the way a macro like -> is handled.


But, shhh. Its a secret. I can't believe Daniel blabbed :-)


Following this guide ( for integrating a chartjs chart. I get this error on browser and neither “inner” nor “outer” component runs when subscription should update:

Uncaught Error: Objects are not valid as a React child (found: object with keys {props, context, refs, updater, state, _reactInternalInstance, cljsMountOrder, cljsIsDirty, reagentRender, cljsRatom, __isMounted}). If you meant to render a collection of children, use an array instead or wrap the object using createFragment(object) from the React add-ons. Check the render method of `device-detail`.


Where should I look at?


@joelsanchez: Had made a stupid mistake, figured it out.