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I'm doing Lunch-and-Learn sessions at work teaching Clojure(Script). So far we've done a lot of Clojure, and the team is interested. Now I want to move into "full-stack". Any suggestions on step-by-step tutorials with re-frame front-end, Clojure back-end and push from the back-end to the front-end? I've looked for some time now, and I haven't found much. Thanks!


luminus will give you a simple working app, backed by, say, postgres More of a template than a step by step


Thanks mikethompson, that's what I've found. It's kind of frustrating to talk about how great Clojure(Script) is, and not find any straight forward way to get into Full-Stack šŸ˜¬


hi guys i saw @danielcomptonā€™s question about graphql and what the experience is like. at my job we recently introduced it and are still spreading it through the application. is here a good place to discuss?


@oliy there is #graphql although it's almost exclusive about lacinia


the day8 devs were looking for war stories about introducing graphql, i thought i'd catch them here (maybe another day)


@oliy iā€™m interested in hearing about your experience, maybe to keep on topic can put it in #graphql ?


or can just start a slack thread šŸ™‚


Same here šŸ™‚


Well, a graphql discussion that included its use with re-frame would be interesting here even šŸ˜› (opinion)


Maybe it's just a blog post I need to write!


We are using it with re-frame, I wrote a couple of libraries to help ease the transition


I think it probably is worthy of a blog post, I'll see if I can find time soon!


@oliy thanks! While we are interested in the positives, its probably the negatives/difficulties that we're most interested in because they are under-documented. As RH says: > Programmers know the benefits of everything and the tradeoffs of nothing. Early on with a technology, there's often breathless praise about the benefits, but very little about the tradeoffs or problems, because: - no one knows them yet, too early in the adoption process - it isn't cool to talk badly about the new thing you love - survivor bias - only those that principally see benefits (and not tradeoffs) decided to proceed to use the technology - it depends on your terms of reference. "problems" compared to what? You have to know at least one other approach well, to criticise the new approach. It requires a lot of experience and it is a difficult piece to write. (And thankless, because everyone wants to write the breathless excitement piece)


And yet the piece which explores the issues/problems of a new technology (in a balanced way) is absolutely gold.


@mikethompson that was well said. That should be recorded somewhere šŸ˜›


I like the breakdown of why it is often the case that things are presented/written about benefits


Thanks. Although, I'm thinking of writing a piece on the downside of ever trying to be wise. I'll contrast it to the alternative "over-confident bluster", which, frankly, is probably a superior technology for use on the Internet. :-)